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Selecting Photos for your Scrapbook or Journal Project

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There are many ways you can select photos for your project but the photos will actually lead you to a Theme.  I will list some ways to help you narrow down your options.

  1. You can select generic family photos and have your theme be around your family, then you can embellish any way you wish.
  2. You can choose a holiday to focus on,  find photos that are related to that specific holiday and season.
  3. Then there are events, Sporting events, concerts, or family vacations are great themes to use.
  4. Last but not least – Milestones.   Births, Marriages, Birthdays, and Anniversaries make great subjects and gifts too.
  5. I also love to make journals about my favorite TV shows and sell them online.. people love them!

So I hope that helps you narrow down your decision making on selecting photos for your project, just remember that the photos will always lead to the theme of the book you are creating.

It may help to buy a Scrapbook Kit if you are’t sure where to start.  Kits are available on Stamporsticker.com.

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