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Preparing your Workspace

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Preparing your workspace does not mean to get everything out that you will need for the entire project.  You should work in sessions.

The first session will be layout your photos.  Figure out the lay out on each page and then adhere the photos to the page.

The second session will be embellishing your pages.  After the photos are down you will know how much space you have on each page for embellishments…this is my favorite part.   Add ribbons and buttons and stickers and accents to each page to coordinate with the photos on that page.

If you plan ahead you can create hidden pocket for those special additions, or you can have fold outs and envelopes just to make it a step better.

It may take more than a few sessions to finish your project, it can be time consuming.  But clean up after each sessions and you will feel renewed when you start your next session.


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